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When Is It Time for an Engine Repair?

It can be tricky to know when it’s time for engine repair. Here are important tips to keep in mind.

As you may already know, the engine is the heart. It is the primary component that propels or generates the power. This is why it requires utmost care and attention.

However, if you start noticing poor performance, your engine may be due for a major repair.

Here are some of the issues that indicate the need for major engine repairs:

  • Loud Knocking Sound

Does the engine sound like bricks in a washing machine? If it does, you need some engine repair.

The moving components within engines make engines efficient, which consist of bearings, pistons, seals, valves, etc. If the bearings become worn out due to poor lubrication or high mileage, they start making loud, knocking noises.

In many cases, when this issue occurs, there may be a need to rebuild the bottom part of the engine.

  • Metal Shavings in The Oil

Inspect the old oil carefully for metal shavings whenever you change your engine oil. The metal flakes in the old oil clearly indicate that undesirable metal-on-metal contact is occurring within the engine.

The moving components within the engine are making some unexpected contact due to friction and poor lubrication. This results in the quick wearing down of engine parts.

In many cases, this occurs when there is an undetected oil leak, which could be inside the engine burning up the oil or leaking out.

  • Decreased Performance

When you encounter any significant drop in the engine’s performance, a visit to a professional technician for proper diagnostics may be in order. You should never take chances when you notice idling troubles.

These are inexpensive repairs that you should carry out as soon as possible in order to prevent big issues in the long run.

  • Loss in Power

If you notice a loss in power, idles roughly, or stalls frequently, it may be time to check the engine. When you use the machine or engine for a few years, you should expect a gradual or steady loss in power. This is typically due to the standard wear and tear many engines undergo.

Engine Parts You Should Know

Here are some key engine parts you should know:

  • Valves

There are two types of valves in engines: intake and exhaust valves. Both valves must open at the right time in order to let in fuel and air and let out the exhaust, respectively.

Both valves are usually closed during combustion and compression, sealing off the combustion chamber.

  • Piston

A piston is a cylindrical component made of metal that moves up and down within a cylinder.

  • Piston Rings

The primary job of piston rings is to provide a sliding seal between the inner edge of the cylinder and the outer edge of the piston. Piston rings generally serve two purposes:

  1. They prevent oil in the sump from leaking out into the combustion area. If something like that occurs, the oil gets burned and lost forever.
  2. They prevent leaking the fuel/air mixture and exhaust from the combustion chamber to the sump during combustion and compression.
  • Crankshaft

The crankshaft is responsible for turning the up-and-down movement of the piston into circular motion.

  • Connecting Rod

The connecting rod connects the crankshaft and the piston. It is designed to rotate at both ends, which changes its angle as the crankshaft rotates when the piston moves.

  • Sump

The sump surrounds the crankshaft and usually contains a specific amount of engine oil. The oil collects at the bottom of the sump or oil pan.

Engine Repair Conclusion

No one wants engine trouble because it is not fun. However, engine trouble is necessary occasionally as it forces you to check and properly maintain the engine.

Whenever you notice any of the symptoms of engine trouble shared above, your next move is to receive professional repair assistance. Running a diagnostics is important, which will then tell you what you need to do to get the engine back in tip-top shape.

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