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How to Pick the Perfect Industrial Air Compressor for Your Business

From determining your airflow needs to selecting the right size and power, our comprehensive guide on picking the perfect industrial air compressor will help you make an informed decision for your business.

Industrial air compressors are highly essential in today’s world. Many industries – such as pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, as well as textiles – rely heavily on air compressors to boost their businesses and enhance product quality. Thanks to the industrial revolution, industries are still built with powerful engines, including the industrial air compressor.

This article covers picking the perfect industrial compressor for your business.

How You Can Pick the Perfect Industrial Air Compressor for Your Business

To pick the perfect industrial air compressor, you must consider several factors. If you ignore these factors, you may have a far less effective machine for your business.

Therefore, here are some of the factors you should consider:

The Appropriate Compressor Size

Air compressors come in different sizes. Here are the different sizes of compressors you should be aware of:

Consumer-Grade Air Compressor

Consumer-grade air compressors are machines used by regular individuals. They are usually tiny, mobile, and used extensively by tire puncture businesses to inflate tires.

Professional-Grade Air Compressor

This type of air compressor is utilized professionally because they are much larger than their consumer-grade counterparts. Professional-grade air compressors power several air tools due to their immense power.

Industrial-Grade Air Compressor

An industrial-grade air compressor is a perfect option for businesses involved in heavy industrial tasks. This equipment can be used continuously since it is more robust, doesn’t overheat, and has a stronger structure.

However, industrial-grade compressors are expensive and serve all purposes for which they are acquired.

Oil-Free Scroll Industrial Air Compressor

This type of air compressor is efficient, oil-free, and quiet. This machine is the perfect choice for businesses that manufacture pharmaceutical products, run lab facilities, or any other enterprise that demands oil-free, clean, and dry compressed air.

Due to the oil-free nature of this type of air compressor, it hardly requires any maintenance. This is mostly because the internal components do not come in contact with one another, meaning there is no friction resulting in wear and tear.

Every internal component functions extremely quietly and efficiently when used appropriately. So, if you require practically noiseless machinery for your business, consider purchasing the oil-free scroll air compressor.

Rotary Screw Industrial Air Compressor

Rotary screw air compressors are powerful machines yet less noisy than other compressor types. They are primarily designed to function all day long with almost zero breaks.

A rotary air compressor is what you need if your business requires greater than a 60 percent duty cycle. Applications with heavy and constant air demands will be easier to perform, thanks to a rotary screw air compressor.

These machines also feature variable-speed drives that operate at the precise level you need them to. This maximizes your efficiency, power, as well as energy savings. Rotary screw air compressors typically provide compressed air for high-precision tasks like sand-blasting or powder-coating.

The Power Requirements for Your Job/Tasks

Air compressors are available in different sizes and have variable power outputs. Every job requires different amounts of power. Since you know how much power your job will require, it will be easier to determine the precise compressor you need.

The output of an air compressor is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). An air compressor with a high CFM implies you may use the equipment to power more applications. This is because it equals more compressed air at desired PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) rating.

PSI and CFM ratings generally coincide with air tools and other vital equipment to give you an excellent idea of how much ‘air demand’ will be required to run every piece of equipment.

Therefore, if you power large systems or run several tools, you will need compressors with higher PSI and CFM ratings. You will use more air volume or resources to accomplish every task.

Will You Require an Air Dryer or Not?

Air dryers often remove water vapor and other undesired contaminants or particles from compressed air. Your chosen air compressor can function excellently without an air dryer.

However, to avoid contamination and corrosion, compressed air should be dried, though this depends significantly on your requirements. Therefore, determine whether or not you will require an air dryer for your business.

Would You Require an Air Receiver or Not?

Air receivers are generally used for storing compressed air and are connected to compressors as tanks in which air is kept. Compressors can function without air receivers. However, this will significantly limit their performance while increasing the equipment’s wear and tear.

Therefore, you must determine whether or not you want an air receiver. An air receiver is suggested for continuous outflow pressure.

Well-Planned Maintenance Schedules and Services

Before you purchase any air compressor, irrespective of its size, having a comprehensive conversation about maintenance and service procedures is highly essential. This ensures you won’t have to deal with any unexpected issues afterward.

Maintenance and servicing are vital components of compressors, irrespective of size and type. This is because, in the long run, they help save money, labor, and time. The longevity of any piece of equipment increases drastically when properly maintained and serviced from time to time.

Therefore, air compressors require occasional, carefully planned maintenance schedules and services.

Other Crucial Sizing Tips for an Industrial Air Compressor

You must also consider other vital sizing tips as you search for the perfect industrial air compressor for your business. Here they are, arranged in no particular order:

  • Tank Orientation
  • Tank Size (in gallons)
  • Loudness


Industrial air compressors are some of the most common machines used in several industries. These machines are available in a wide range of sizes and different power types of air tools and machines.

The type of air compressor you choose for your business is determined by the factors highlighted above. Considering these factors makes choosing the perfect air compressor for your business easier.