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How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Air Compressor?

Proper equipment maintenance is crucial. But what is the cost exactly to repair an air compressor? Read further below.

Air compressors and various types of commercial compressors are vital tools in many industrial operations worldwide. These machines are the backbone of some organizations, without which the company will crumble and utterly fail. This makes air compressors some of the most expensive, sought-after equipment today.

Since compressed air is a vital part of several industrial applications, it shouldn’t be too surprising that compressors fail from time to time. When compressors fail, they affect productivity and reliability, and the downtime can cost the company thousands of dollars.

In many cases, a defective air compressor can be repaired. This is possible if all the defective parts can be found and replaced with new, factory-fitted OEM options or replacements. It is much better to repair a faulty air compressor than to purchase a new one. This stance is still being argued in communities or forums that discuss machines.

But how much does it cost to repair an air compressor? This is what you are about to find out in this post.

Why Air Compressors Fail

When compressors are overworked, or their maintenance schedule is irregular, it is bound to fail at one point or the other.

Warning signs of compressor failure include:

  1. Inconsistent air pressure
  2. Air leaks
  3. Blown breakers or fuse
  4. Abnormal noise and other standard maintenance red flags
  5. Difficulty starting – or stopping – the air compressor
  6. Valve problems
  7. Motor issues, etc.

When these symptoms or warning signs emerge, and nothing is done about them, the equipment will fail. But in most of these cases, repairing the air compressor is the most viable and beneficial option.

Why You Should Repair Your Air Compressor

Repairing your air compressor should be done for the following reasons:

  • If the repair is surface-level and relatively simple

At times, commercial compressors can fail despite regular equipment and maintenance updates. This occurs for several reasons.

If your technician readily identifies the issues and recommends the perfect remedy, with zero indications of deeper problems, repairing the faulty compressor is more cost-effective.

  • If this is the first-time failure of a comparatively new air compressor

It may sound surprising, but many organizations experience some serious downtime with new air compressors. It is a moderately common phenomenon that can be utilized positively.

For instance, the downtime of brand-new equipment could signal the opportunity for you to efficiently fine-tune or recalibrate the air compressor to operate exceptionally well within your infrastructure.

If the compressor is relatively new and this is the first time it broke down, repairing the equipment makes more sense.

  • If repairs can take place quickly with available spare parts or easy-to-source components

Getting the spare parts for a faulty compressor can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, repairing the compressor is the ideal choice if your equipment fails and the spare components are readily available, or they can be acquired without spending an arm and a leg or performing extensive searches.

These are the scenarios in which it makes more sense – and is financially beneficial – to repair a faulty air compressor against replacing it with another unit.

Air Compressor Repair: Minor Fixes

Here are some of the air compressor problems that a quick or minor fix can set right:

  • Air leakage

This is a relatively common issue that can be fixed quickly. Air leakages can occur in the tank valve, oil fill tube, or the hood. As soon as you pinpoint the problem area, patch up the leak or replace the tube or component.

  • Inconsistent air pressure

When your air compressor refuses to start, it may be due to inconsistent air pressure. Ensure the air pressure is consistent by checking the air source. Make sure the switch is also in excellent working condition, or replace it with a newer one if it isn’t functioning.

A disconnected power cord can also prevent your air compressor from starting. This is often due to the placement of the cord or the machine. Do the needful by setting the power cords to the appropriate places and re-start the equipment.

  • Inefficient operation

The machine may suddenly start dying down and stops working to its full capacity. This usually indicates that the airflow has been obstructed, resulting in less air pressure generated by the equipment.

A pump or gasket may be faulty and behind the cause of this annoying issue. Replace the pump or gasket immediately, and the air compressor will resume operations.

  • Blown fuses and breakers

When air compressors overheat due to excessive operations, it blows fuses and breakers. This usually happens when they are connected to extension cords incapable of supplying sufficient energy to the machine.

Blown fuses and breakers may also indicate that the motor is old and requires urgent replacement for safety and efficiency purposes.

The Cost of Repairing an Air Compressor

The cost of repairing an air compressor or a commercial compressor depends on the extent of damage or issues that cause the equipment to malfunction, location, as well as the workshop/technician handling the repairs.

For instance, it will cost you from $2,500 to $8,000 per year to fix a ¼-inch leak at 100 psi within a compressed air line. What is even scarier is that you may not know you have a leak. This issue can only be discovered by someone with well-trained ears who can easily detect major leaks after a walkthrough or two.

But in many cases, trained technicians will need to deploy specialized devices in order to detect such leaks.

If fixing an ordinary air leak within a compressed system can cost that much per annum, how much will it cost to repair other serious issues?

Therefore, how much it costs to repair an air compressor depends on the following factors:

  1. The extent of damage to the air compressor unit
  2. The availability of spare parts and how easy they can be sourced
  3. The workshop/technician handling the repairs
  4. The location, etc.

These are crucial determinants of air or commercial compressor repair. However, it is safe to say that repairing a faulty air compressor can take between $2,500 and $15,000 per annum. This is still lesser than the cost price of a brand-new compressor unit that starts from $35,000 upwards.


The importance of proper air maintenance checks cannot be overstated. The cost of repairing a faulty air compressor is massive, depending on the determinants mentioned earlier.

This is why it is crucial to perform maintenance checks on compressors from time to time. This helps minimize the need for extensive repairs that will cause severe downtime and cost the company thousands of dollars.

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