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Ensuring Your Ariel Compressor Parts Are High Quality

The compression industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, and Ariel has played a significant role in this transformation. Ariel has done so by introducing highly reliable compressors and components. As a result, compressors from Ariel function exceptionally well with genuine components. For this reason, they operate for longer or extended periods and require less maintenance than other reciprocating compressors. 

Ariel components are natural frontline products with extended warranties. Here’s what you need to know about Ariel compressor parts and how to ensure their high quality.

Buying 100 Percent High-Quality Ariel Compressor Components

Ariel compressors are some of the leading units due to their strength, ability to operate for extended periods, and lesser need for maintenance. However, there are a few times when a problem occurs, and some compressor components require replacement.

To prolong the lifespan or service life of the reciprocating compressor, experts highly recommend replacing the defective components with genuine Ariel compressor parts that trusted providers and reputable distributors supply.

Every Ariel compressor component is carefully designed, engineered, and then manufactured in order to ensure optimal reliability in each application in the field.

How to Ensure You’re Purchasing High-Quality Ariel Components

So, how will you know or recognize the genuine components you want to buy for your Ariel reciprocating compressor? It doesn’t really matter whether you need Ariel components for maintenance, reconfigurations, or even overhauls. Here’s how you can pinpoint authentic Ariel compressor components:

  • Surface Finish

The first – and most efficient – way of pinpointing Ariel compressor components is by checking out their surface finish. The surface finish of genuine Ariel compressor components is free of every imperfection, such as burrs and edges. This keeps the maintenance person’s hands free from injury when handling the Ariel compressor component during repairs.

Check for the consistently applied anti-corrosive high-grade signature blue paint that protects your reciprocating compressor from corrosion as well as other damaging elements. If this signature blue paint is not applied consistently over the compressor component, it is probably not a genuine Ariel component.

Moreover, Ariel piston rods and cylinder bores undergo ion-nitride treatment for extended service life. Ensure the piston rods are necked down, rolled threads.

  • Precision Finishes and Tolerances

A trademark of Ariel’s quality is precision finishes and tolerances. They ensure your reciprocating compressor functions at peak performance.

  • The Ariel Logo

Authentic Ariel reciprocating compressor components come with the company’s signature logo carefully etched on them. The Ariel logo is quite prominent on reciprocating compressor valves.

Compressor component numbers are also stamped on the outer edges of the valve guard and seat. Genuine Ariel compressor valves are available in several combinations of actuated and concentric valves, plate designs, and rings. In addition, every non-metal authentic Ariel valve plate comes laser etched with its part number and Ariel logo.

They are also paired with X Blend top-notch metallic plates, superior springs, as well as non-metallic sealing elements. 

  • Stamped Packing Case

Genuine Ariel packing cases come with clear stamps on the packing flange face. Look for the component number and logo in order to clear all doubts immediately.

  • Wiper and Packing Cases

Authentic Ariel wiper packing cases are durable and compact. In addition, they come stamped with the standard Ariel logo as well as the part number on the case’s face.

Every authentic Ariel packing is built exceptionally for extended service life and comes stamped with the company logo and part number on the packing flange face.

  • Bushings and Bearings

Authentic Ariel bushings and bearings are designed to support the integral running gear of a reciprocating compressor. They are manufactured with exceptional and versatile materials to exact crush points and dimensions.

Genuine Ariel main bearings are usually ink-stamped with a frame outline, while rod bearings are marked with a unique conrod outline.

  • Packaging

Authentic Ariel compressor components come prepared with extensive international documentation and product-specific packaging. In addition, these compressor components are conveniently packaged for enhanced protection while in transit. This allows for timely and safe delivery domestically and globally.

  • The BTUU Ring

The BTUU uncut ring technology is primarily designed for reliability and longevity because it functions with lower fugitive emissions. In addition, this technology utilizes Ariel’s necked-down piston rod design. This makes it easy to install the uncut ring sets.

These Ariel compressor components have replaced radial cut back-up rings, previously the industry standard.

Ariel Compressor Maintenance Tips

Every reciprocating compressor requires regular maintenance, and Ariel compressors are not left out. Therefore, it is essential to have on-site personnel that will conduct scheduled or routine checkups of the system, including every Ariel compressor component.

The following valuable and quick maintenance tips should help:

  • Always Have Spare Parts Available

You – or your maintenance personnel – should always have spare O rings, bushings, valves, filters, bearings, and gaskets in order to minimize fixing and maintenance time.

You may need to visit the official site of the Ariel organization to obtain a copy of their recommended spare parts lists. Then, get in touch with a reputable supplier that delivers the components for Ariel reciprocating compressors.

  • Enroll Your Maintenance Personnel in Ariel Courses

You should consider enrolling your maintenance or on-site personnel in Ariel courses via field work, classroom, or even online. The Ariel organization can educate customers and distributors on efficiently managing, operating, and maintaining their reciprocating compressors. Consider the training as a solid long-term investment for your own business.

Ariel will teach your on-site personnel more than routine maintenance as they will cover overhauls to reconfigurations. In addition, the company offers the technology and know-how that will help your maintenance crew learn how to keep your reciprocating compressor running like new.

Simple routine maintenance tasks are one of the best ways to boost the efficiency of your reciprocating compressor.


Every authentic Ariel compressor component utilizes high-quality materials, production methods, and designs. These components are world-class units, which makes it crucial to know how to recognize them whenever you need to replace a fault compressor component.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to tell an Ariel OEM compressor component from a phony. These have been highlighted in this article. Adhere to them to ensure your Ariel reciprocating compressor components are of the highest quality.

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