Compressor Repair Cost

Compressor Repair Cost

Has a certified technician told you that replacing your air compressor is crucial? The truth is that replacing your air compressor with a brand-new one can be pretty expensive. It runs into thousands of dollars which is a sum you may be unwilling or unable to spend. But if you look into Compressor Repair Cost you’ll find a solution. If you can fix your air compressor at a cost lower than getting a brand-new replacement, this is something you should not gloss over. 

But several factors go into considering whether to repair your air compressor or pick up a new one. This article covers what it will cost you to repair your faulty air compressor over buying a new one. 

Air Compressors 

Is compressed air a vital part of your daily business operations? If your air compressor suddenly breaks down, the downtime may cost you a lot in terms of lost production. 

You have to weigh your options at such periods: can the faulty air compressor be repaired, or will you have to replace it?  

As you may already know, the cost is the #1 consideration on the list, especially both over time and immediately. A brand-new air compressor can be pretty expensive. Take note that if you take the total cost of owning a compressor over a 10-year life span into account, the actual purchase price of this brand-new compressor comes to approximately 10 percent of the overall cost. 

The cost of running the compressor – i.e., the electricity bill – will be the major expense, running to about 75 percent. 

Several factors can influence your decision to repair the faulty compressor or get a brand-new replacement including the overall age of the air compressor, its former repair history, its reliability, as well as how energy-efficient it is compared with the newer models on the market today. 

Repairing Your Compressor 

It is always wise to check the entire compressor system exhaustively. This is to ascertain whether the breakdown is something minor that can easily be fixed. 

Your air compressor may have conked out for several reasons. Not all of these reasons usually signal irreparable damages or extensive repair uses. Get your in-house technician or a certified service technician in your locality to check out the compressor and see if it can be fixed on time. 

Moreover, these factors weigh even more for repairing the faulty air compressor than replacing it with a brand-new one if: 

  • The compressor is relatively new and has not been operated for several hours, the goal should be to repair it. 
  • It is a model with readily available spare parts, repairing the faulty compressor will be in your favor. 
  • The air compressor is generally reliable and repairing it is not indicative of much more significant issues that will cost tons of money and time. 
  • Your compressor is still top-of-the-line technological equipment, getting a brand-new one is a waste of money and time. Consider fixing the defective compressor as soon as possible. 

When is Replacement the Only Option?

Some dire circumstances may call for the replacement of your defective compressor. This is true if you are faced with a situation such as: 

  • If the compressor has broken down just once, the likelihood that such will occur again in the future is incredibly high. 
  • If you use an older model compressor, finding worthy OEM spare parts may become somewhat challenging, time-consuming, and expensive for you – or the technicians working on it. 
  • Air compressors are increasingly becoming much more energy efficient these days as newer models hit the market almost all the time. This implies that the overall cost of getting a brand-new compressor will pay for itself soon enough, especially in electricity savings, etc. 
  • If you suddenly discover that your old and faulty air compressor is now too small to completely fulfill the day-to-day needs of your company’s current – and growing – needs, replacing it with a newer, larger, and more energy-efficient model could be the perfect opportunity to effectively fool-proof your business. 

Consider these factors in your decision-making and see if it is worth repairing your faulty air compressor or buying a brand-new one. 

Compressor Repair: The Most Common Minor Fixes 

As mentioned earlier, a few factors qualify air compressors for repairs only, especially if it has never experienced failure before now. This indicates that whatever may have happened or been behind the cause of the sudden breakdown of the equipment could require a minor fix. 

However, this could also indicate that the compressor has worn out due to constant use over time. 

But if the compressor is relatively new, repairing it could be the best option. Here are some of the minor issues air compressors come up with: 

Air Leakage 

This is one of the common issues that compressors have, which can easily be fixed. Air leakage may occur in the tank valve, the hood, or the oil fill tube. 

Pinpoint precisely where the issue is and fix it immediately by patching it up or replacing the component. 

Blown Fuses and Breakers 

If an air compressor overheats, it may blow breakers and fuses. This usually happens when the machine is connected to extensive cords that actively deprive the equipment of sufficient electrical energy. 

It may also indicate that the motor is old and should be replaced immediately in order to restore the compressor’s efficiency and for safety. 

Inadequate Air Pressure/Faulty Switch/Disconnection from Power Source 

Some compressors may refuse to start if they do not have enough air pressure. The switch of this machine may also be faulty, or the compressor may be disconnected from its power source, causing it not to start. 

Replacing the switch with a new one is an excellent option. Check to see that the machine is connected to its power source. Check the power cord to ensure it has the capacity to transmit the needed juice to its destination. 

Ensure enough air pressure is available so that the air compressor operates without any hitch. 

Obstructed Airflow 

When the compressor suddenly starts dying down and no longer working in its full capacity, this could indicate that its airflow is obstructed. It could also imply that there is less air pressure the machine generates. This could result from a faulty pump or gasket and can be fixed easily by certified technicians. 

The Cost of Repairing a Defective Air Compressor 

The cost of repairing a defective compressor varies from one locality to another. It usually ranges between $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the extent of the problem. 

Consult your local technician to find out the actual cost of repairing your defective. The cost of repairing your compressor is far less than getting a brand-new one, which costs between $40,000 and $70,000 per unit. 


As you can see, the cost of repairing a compressor is far less than getting a brand-new replacement. This is why you should never write off your faulty compressor and get a new one. New ones are expensive, and you will still need to install and test their efficacy before committing your daily operations to them. 

Therefore, consult a technician to check the compressor. It could be defective due to minor issues that can be fixed within a few hours. This allows you to get back into the swing of your daily operations and minimize the downtime it will cost you to get a brand-new compressor, install it, test it, and run your daily operations with it.