Compressor Parts Aftermarket vs OEM

Compressor Parts Aftermarket vs OEM

When it’s time to make repairs on your air compressor, you have 2 options or choices: Compressor Parts Aftermarket VS OEM. Of course, since air compressor manufacturers offer warranties on their products, it is vitally important to follow their maintenance schedules if you want to maintain the warranty. For this reason, you may have no choice but to stick to using OEM parts as you sample the compressor lubricants during warranty periods. But after surpassing the warranty period, it is no longer compulsory to use OEM parts. You can opt for available aftermarket compressor parts in order to save lots of your hard-earned money. But why is it essential to use only OEM compressor parts during repair or maintenance? Are OEM compressor parts better than aftermarket parts? This is what you are about to find out. 

Why OEM Compressor Parts are Important 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts are highly crucial to the lifespan of your air compressor. They are creatively designed and function like the original factory-fitted parts or components. Most OEM parts are also fabricated by and for an air compressor manufacturer. But most aftermarket compressor parts are only designed in a similar fashion and are not created by the compressor manufacturer.  At times, aftermarket parts even function much better than OEM parts, while at other times, they don’t. In other words, using aftermarket parts for your compressor is a hit-or-miss thing. 

OEM compressor parts are often simple and easy to choose as they are only available in one type, unlike most aftermarket parts. Moreover, the quality of OEM parts is 100 percent guaranteed to be a perfect fit. They look like and function properly precisely like the original components such that outsiders will have no clue that the compressor has undergone any repairs or maintenance process. 

There is probably nothing worse than spending a lot of money on parts that end up not being 100 percent compatible with your compressor or not functioning as well as they should. 

Warranties on OEM Parts

Most manufacturers offer warranties on OEM parts, and this is because they are 100 percent sure of the quality of these components. This is why they usually recommend the following for anyone who wants to maintain the warranty on their products: 

  • Use the compressor as intended by the factory 
  • Follow every factory-recommended maintenance schedule to the letter 
  • Register the machine or compressor online with the factory 
  • Make use of only OEM parts and lubricants during repairs or maintenance processes 
  • Carry out oil sampling from time to time 
  • Ensure you service your compressor by hiring a factory-recommended service firm or company. This is not often required by highly recommended by experts. 
  • Keep in-depth or up-to-the-minute records of every service visit 

OEM parts can increase the operational life of your compressor’s components since that is precisely what they were fabricated for. You won’t have to worry about replacing the parts more often than expected for the specific part. 

Finally, OEM parts often undergo rigorous testing and smart design to match the compressor manufacturer’s standards. You will never have to worry about OEM parts affecting your compressor’s efficiency and performance. 

So, if you want profound peace of mind about the overall quality of your compressor replacement parts, using authentic OEM parts for your servicing is the best option for you. 

However, this is not to say that OEM parts do not have some downsides. For instance, most OEM parts are incredibly costly compared to aftermarket parts. The most crucial disadvantage of OEM parts is that of their limited availability. The only way to get your hands on OEM parts is usually through the manufacturer of your compressor. These manufacturers do not always have OEM parts in stock, which may lead to delays or costly downtimes as you search frantically for options. 

The Importance of Aftermarket Parts 

The importance of using aftermarket parts during compressor servicing cannot be overstated. The first advantage that aftermarket parts have over OEM parts is their lower cost. Most aftermarket parts are far less expensive than their OEM counterparts, though this depends significantly on the brand of compressor you use. 

Some aftermarket parts have also displayed potential better quality than OEM parts. These aftermarket parts end up functioning equally or even better than OEM parts. 

Aftermarket compressor parts are also readily available. Nearly every verified engineering company or factory has aftermarket parts. This means you won’t have to suffer downtimes when you need to service your compressor, as the aftermarket parts you need are on hand for quick replacement so that you can re-start your operations within a short period. 

You will also find a wide variety of aftermarket parts, which give rise to more functionality as well as a wide range of pocket-friendly prices. You can go for any compressor part or component, knowing how affordable they are. 

But that is where the downside of using aftermarket parts kicks in. The increased variety and availability of aftermarket parts heightens your risk since it can be pretty overwhelming. 

Moreover, aftermarket parts do not have any warranty, depending on the price. Some parts may also not function as effectively as OEM parts. This is partly because third-party companies usually manufacture aftermarket parts. 

Some aftermarket parts can fail much quicker. Even if they are forced to fit in the compressor, it may result in poor performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and outright damage. 


As you can see, all OEM compressor parts are created equal, while most aftermarket parts are not. The best option is to use OEM parts when servicing your compressor. This is what most manufacturers would recommend in order to enhance the longevity of the mechanical device. 

However, the best option for you depends significantly on what you are looking for. Know the importance of compressor parts aftermarket VS OEM. Go over their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

Make informed decisions on which option to go for, but the final decision is ultimately yours to make. As always, ensure you consult a professional before deciding which option to go for. Everything should be in the best interest of your compressor if you want it to last long and serve you well for several years. 

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Compressor Parts Aftermarket VS OEM