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Air Compressor Valve Replacement vs. Repair: Which Makes More Sense?

So your air or commercial compressor isn’t working anymore and you’re wondering what to do… Do you replace your air or commercial compressor completely or do you try and repair it? Today we break down air compressor valve replacement vs. repair and which makes more sense. Read more below…

Reciprocating air compressor valves play crucial roles in the flow and regulation of pressurized air. When valves in peak conditions perform optimally, compressed air is efficiently distributed for a wide variety of processes. During this period, there is zero need for air compressor valve replacement. 

However, a faulty air compressor valve can make an entire system start lagging, resulting in several ill-affected processes. In such instances, you may be forced to consider 2 choices: replace the valve entirely or repair it. 

But which of these options makes sense, you ask? Before opting for one of these choices, you need to consider the causes of air compressor valve failure. This will determine whether you should replace the valve with a brand-new one or repair the defective one. But first, what really makes a good air compressor valve? 

Fabricated Out of High-Quality Material

A suitable air compressor valve is fabricated out of high-quality material. All top-notch compressor valves feature nothing less than the highest grade of raw materials. Manufacturers that create air compressor valves should have no problem talking about these materials and even provide official certificates of conformance on request. 

Moreover, the best air compressor valves are also obtained from unique settings. In this case, the sharp eye of highly-trained engineers has become incredibly influential.  

Keen-eyed engineers employ their skillfulness as well as several techniques developed over decades in order to ensure air compressor valves play the crucial role they were designed for within a system, without fail. Thanks to their acute attention to every detail, these engineers never miss defects, no matter how minute they are. These can have a significant impact on the lifespan of the air compressor valve. 

Companies always at the forefront of every technological breakthrough within the industry fabricate the best air compressor valves. 

How Durability Affects the Lifespan of An Air Compressor Valve 

The primary factor that differentiates an immaculate air compressor valve from a bad one is durability. The key to fabricating a highly durable air compressor valve lies in its material as well as the techniques it undergoes during the manufacturing process. 

For instance, metallic air compressor valves are used extensively across this industry. The main raw material – which has the unique qualities users can benefit immensely from – is stainless steel. The latter is highly resistant to corrosion and can easily withstand a vast number of numerous chemicals over extended periods. 

Thermoplastic is currently on the way to the top of the chain, a viable option becoming a bit more common these days. This is because thermoplastic is a flexible material and can create an excellent seal due to the remarkable way it easily adjusts to its area. 

However, using thermoplastic to create air compressor valves is an incredibly detailed process. For instance, the plastic must be heated to a specific temperature.  

Then after it turns molten, it’s injected into a mold shaped like the exact product the manufacturer wants to make. In this case, an air compressor valve.

An experienced manufacturer should put you through and help you make the best decision regarding the choice of material for your specific requirements. 

Causes of Air Compressor Valve Failure 

Signs of the imminent breakdown of air compressor valves are usually subtle and somewhat difficult to spot. However, environmental and mechanical factors are the 2 significant air culprits of compressor valve failures. 

Valve failures caused by environmental factors include: 

  • Corrosive contaminants: They cause the wearing off of the metallic parts of the air compressor valve 
  • Improper lubrication due to acidic or stale lubricants: They can severely damage some parts of the valve 
  • Foreign materials which are directly or indirectly introduced into the system can block airflow or affect the inner lining of the valve 

Mechanical factors that cause air compressor failures include: 

  • High-cycle fatigue: This occurs when the air compressor operates at high cycles for prolonged periods.  
  • Spring failure: It occurs when a spring attached to the air compressor valve wears down as a result of undue stress.  
  • Off-design procedures: This occurs when a compressor operates beyond what it is specifically designed for. 

Air Compressor Valve Replacement 

Replacing a faulty air compressor valve with a new one will cost a lot of money. However, it may be the best option if you want the air compressor to perform at an optimal level.  

The first thing to do if you decide to follow this route is to seek the advice of a high-quality or experienced manufacturer who knows all about air compressors and their numerous parts. 

The specialist would advise you or recommend the best type of air compressor valves that are highly compatible with your system. Examine the type of material used to make the valve, and how it is manufactured. What are the pressure limits for optimal performance etc.?

For instance, a compressor valve created using lasers are usually very accurate. This enables your system to run smoothly with zero hiccups, especially if the environmental factors are conducive to the valve. 

Air Compressor Valve Repair 

Repairing a damaged air compressor valve is not impossible and is even cost-effective. Moreover, any lost time leads to a significant loss in profits, so you need to make a quick decision in order to minimize downtime. 

Other issues may also be responsible for the breakdown of your system, which may not even be the valve. This is why you should clean the condenser from time to time after ensuring adequate airflow within the system. 

You may need to install a new filter and perform other minor maintenance procedures. Check all electrical components for any sign of faulty wiring and confirm that all safety protocols are in place and functioning perfectly. 

Preventative maintenance is the best action to take as it can also help you decide whether to replace a faulty valve or repair it. 


Air compressor valves are delicate components vital to the smooth operation or running of a system. When a valve becomes faulty, you have the choice to either replace it with a brand-new one or have it repaired. 

The option to go for depends on how old the compressor is, recommendations from specialists, and how much downtime you are willing to take on. 

Therefore, consult experts on this issue to enable you to make the right decision about air compressor valve replacement. 

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