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The Most Air Compressor Replacement Parts

Looking to learn about air compressor replacement parts? There is a lot that goes into compressor equipment. With many moving compressor parts today we do a breakdown for you. Read more below… 

Air compressors are highly essential power sources and driving forces of many businesses. They have a wide range of applications, and many of them operate 24 hours daily. Pressurizing air is a vital and typical business operation that must always be efficient, so air compressors must have top-notch parts for practical functionalities. 

Air compressor parts must be efficient, durable, and high-quality material. However, due to constant or daily use, a time will come when you may need to get replacement parts for your air compressor. 

Every air compressor part has a particular function and is not just part of the equipment for aesthetic purposes. This is why these parts must be appropriately maintained. Poor maintenance of air compressor parts may result in poor energy consumption and affect air supply as well as the frequency of service. 

Faulty Compressor Parts: Fix the Air Compressor vs. Buy a Brand-New Air Compressor 

If you use your air compressor every day or for several hours per day, a time will come when a component or two will fail. Most air compressor part failures are gradual, and only a few occur suddenly without warning. This is why regular maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging the life of this powerful equipment. 

When air compressor parts fail, you have two options: fix it by purchasing the replacement parts or buy brand-new equipment.  

The former option makes sense because air compressors are pretty expensive. This is why it makes a lot of financial sense to replace or upgrade the air compressor with new parts. 

The only reason why you may have to purchase a brand-new air compressor is if the cost of fixing the current one supersedes the purchase price of a spanking new unit. 

Top Common Air Compressor Replacement Parts 

 1. Air Filters 

Air filters ensure the compressed air within the system runs clean. This can significantly prolong the life of the air compressor or compressed air system as well as boost the quality of the air. 

The right air filter prevents other components from degrading while minimizing needed maintenance procedures. 

However, air filters need to be cleaned and changed from time to time so that the equipment keeps functioning optimally. 

 2. Check Valves 

Check valves are usually between the main header or air receiver tank and the compressor. Their primary duty is to prevent air from bleeding from the header or tank and back into the inlet line when the air compressor shuts down. It’s important to make sure all your valves are well maintained

 3. Intake Filters 

Intake filters protect the air compressor from any dirt or dust it might accidentally suck in during operation. This component is the most crucial one on the equipment. 

Failure of intake filters results in severe wear and tear of valves, compressor elements, and other machine parts. 

 4. Drain Valves 

Drain valves carry out the vital function of permitting the escape of excess water vapor to the atmosphere. Getting rid of condensation helps prevent corrosion within the air compressor, which may damage the machine and shorten its operational lifespan. 

 5. Gaskets 

Gaskets are seals that fit in between 2 surfaces within an air compressor. They are usually made of several different materials, though cork, Teflon, and rubber are the most common materials used. 

Some gaskets are also manufactured from compressed natural fibers. Gaskets are often used where 2 halves of a compressor come together. 

 6. Motors 

The air compressor, especially the rotary screw compressor, uses a rotating unit referred to as the motor. 

The compressor’s motor provides sufficient energy for rotation, which helps run the equipment. Motors are connected to the compressor via direct coupling. They can also be attached to the air compressor via belts and pulleys. 

 7. Pressure Gauges 

Pressure gauges are generally used for tracking the air pressure in the compressor’s storage tank. Gauges are essential tools that require daily checking to ensure there is no change in pressure. 

Changes in air pressure can result in severe damage to the equipment. Faulty gauges must be changed immediately in order to forestall any damage. 

 8. Pressure Switches 

Pressure switches are mechanical devices that rely heavily on air pressure in order to control the operation of electric air compressors. These simple mechanisms complete the circuit and allow power to the motor, provided the system pressure is less than a specified setting. 

 9. Pump 

The pump in an air compressor compresses air and discharges it into a receiver. Some air compressors, known as 2-stage air compressors, come with 2 pump cylinders. This type of compressor compresses air twice: in a large low-pressure cylinder and a smaller, high-pressure cylinder. This action produces pressures applicable to specific operations. 

 10. Reed Valves 

Reed valves are thin steel flaps attached to the valve plate. They allow refrigerant in and out of every cylinder as the piston moves up and down the cylinder wall. 

Reed valves should operate noiselessly. If you hear unwanted noises when reed valves are functioning, you have to replace them as soon as possible. 

 11. Regulators 

Pressure matters a lot with air compressors. If the pressure is higher than required, you may be paying for excess energy. This will, of course, manifest in higher bills while putting more wear and tear on your equipment. There is no way your air compressor will last longer when used in this state. 

This is where regulators come in. Regulators readily adjust the pressure within the compressed air system to match the exact requirements of a tool or attachment.  

This prevents the over-burdening of your compressed air system while operating optimally. 

Other important air compressor replacement parts include: 

  • Starters  
  • Hose Nozzles 
  • Capacitors 
  • Fans  
  • Other various accessories 

Some of these most common air compressor replacement parts require constant checks and maintenance/replacements. 


Finding and using the correct replacement parts is crucial if you always want to get the most out of your air compressor unit. Do not take any risk by purchasing and using sub-par air compressor parts. The results will not be favorable as you may condemn the air compressor and be forced to purchase a new one. This means more downtime, loss of revenue or income, and lots of disgruntled customers. 

But when you invest in high-quality air compressor parts and perform routine maintenance/repairs at all times, the equipment will continue to serve you for many more years. You will get back into operation in no time, minimize downtime as much as possible, and continually serve your customers. This results in more revenue for your company in the long run. 

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